Friday, August 12, 2011


This trailer came from several concepts that all slowly snowballed into one idea. It started with a line I misheard from another trailer for a movie. I don't remember the movie, but I think it had Jake Gyllenhall. What I heard was the lines, "...but I need you!" ad the girl yelling back, "...but I don't need you..." From there it took a couple months to figure out a good storyline around it. Why was she needed? Why could he not be needed now? what kind of dynamic was there, and why the change in feelings? Did he say something? Did he do something? I had too many questions, and no answers yet. Then came the idea of her being a singer, and she was rising and no longer needed him to become a star. But that left me with still the question of 'what did he do??' I saw a friend of mine on Facebook, had decided to keep a 365 day journal on Facebook. I had done that back in 1993 in a journal and thought I could maybe use that idea...then another friend had done a vlog for a trip he was taking. I am also working on a mockumentary trailer, so I thought - why not combine them ALL together...?
Video + blog + documentary = vlogumentary
That's when the ideas started coming and everything just fell into place for what you watch in the video below. Enjoy!