Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sears 'Exploring My America' Application

This is the first video I and Elizabeth created together. We made it as an attempt to win a free road trip. We didn't win the trip, but we had a lot of fun making the video.

Some of the things that I love about this road trip video:
Actually look at what we have stacked up when E says, "I'm ready!" There is a croquet set, a rocking horse, birdhouse, water cooler...we emptied out the garage of whatever we could find...plus a suitcase.

The making of the tent. So many people were astonished by the collapsible tent that makes itself when pulled out of it's bag. Um, yeah...that was movie magic. :)

When you see Elizabeth answer the phone...I had to actually call her, because she wasn't sure when to answer the phone.

...we didn't get picked... :(

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