Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This was a video audition for our team to be on horror week. The show sends you to somewhere haunted for a week.

We filmed this in one day, at the same high school that MTV's Teen Wolf shot their show. It was a very creepy high school. Windows were broken, the doors were all bolted, locked and barred up. The field we ran through was a baseball diamond that had not been kept up. We walked around doing introductions for the camera for about an hour. Then we all sat down and just talked for 12 minutes. After a day of just editing and trying to piece things together, we had the video portion ready. We then lost a member of the group and added Patrick last minute - that's why he got to do all his stuff separately. Another day of editing, and one day of FX and music, and our submission was ready to go!

We didn't get chosen. :(

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