Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This was inspired by a dream Elizabeth had one night.

A new medical drug is on the shelves. Ten pills come per bottle. A man has just lost his wife and daughter in a terrible accident and is trying his best to cope. He turns to this new drug to stop his pain.

If you watch closely, there are numbers hidden within the video counting down to the last pill. Below is a breakdown of the numbers:

10 Apples by Dr Seuss
K-9 sits in the kitchen
8 of Spades
7's by Garth Brooks, and channel 7 on the TV
6:00 on the clock
5 nickels
Connect 4
3 Kings and 3 other movies (Just Like Heaven, Love Actually, Dan in Real Life - all 3 are movies about love lost) and the Third Book of the Dark Tower Series - Waste Lands
2 of us in the picture
ONE on the shirt.

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